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Posted in James Joyce. Dubliners, Short Stories on February 26, 2009 by Richard Farrell

Story of a boy who manages to get to the titular fair in Dublin just as it closes.  His mission is to purchase a gift for his beloved, an older girl who cannot make it to the fair.  Dublin itself is carefully described.  Works on images of love, death, disappoinment and poverty.


Posted in James Joyce. Dubliners, Short Stories on January 22, 2009 by Richard Farrell

Notice the narrators proximity to the events that unfold, perhaps in spite of the writerly language.  Irony abounds in this story.  The sisters themselves appear bitter and hardened despite their moments of tenderness for the dead priest.  Catholicism comes across in somber but pious terms from the boy, though the reader can sense Joyce’s coming break with the Church.  The way his ‘flock’ reject the man but love the collar points to the beginning of the boy’s disillusionment.  The only real tenderness comes off screen, between the young narrator and the dead priest.  The only genuine sadness appears to be his.