Primarily an educational log of reading and writing for graduate school.  The menu on the right will include a short reaction to the reading as well as notes for future reference.  These are not intended as critical works nor do they reflect a deep reading of most stories.  My intent is to keep this page active so that I will have a detailed ‘list’ of the stories, poems, novels, and non-fiction work I’ve been reading.

5 Responses to “RJFarrell28”

  1. Hey, Rich. Thanks for the nice note on NC. Nice to meet you, too. And yes, I do know Tammy from having interviewed here. Now there’s a writer with a great deal of drive and talent! May we follow in her footsteps, right? Thought I’d take this personal conversation out of NC, although now here it sits on your blog. Hope that’s ok. Good luck with the work. – Shelagh

    • Interviewed her. Not “here.”

    • Hey,

      NC doesn’t mind sidebar conversations, but I’ll reply here, on my oft-ignored blog. 🙂 Tammy and I were talking last night about the way these worlds seem to collide. Her next book is due in January. They’ve been re-releasing some of her novels too.

      Good to hear from you. Maybe you’ll inspire me to get back to work on this site!

  2. bob vivian Says:

    Hope this reaches you okay, Rich, as I tried your e-mail and it didn’t go through. I keep thinking about your essay/meditation on flying on Doug’s blog, and was wondering if you’d be interested in sending it to me for consideration for an upcoming issue of Hunger Mountain. It’s very beautiful and haunting. Hope you’re doing well–all best, b

    • Bob,

      Trying to email you. on 2 different accounts. Hopefully one of these messages gets through. Will send essay to you once I confirm that we are getting open lines of communication! Hope all is well. Thanks so much for contacting me.

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